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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Compete with Customer Service

Just a quick little post and I'll follow-up with some ideas and examples on how best to do this going forward. But this factor in business struck me this morning as I was returning several phone calls to lawyers and generally getting terrible service. Primarily I was getting pure voice mail...not even a minimally helpful receptionist or secretary. And I'm assuming it wasn't just me...if that great, potential new client called one minute after me I'm guessing she got the same lack of responsiveness. Surely you can do better?

I think too often lawyers are solely focused on their legal competence as the criteria upon which they're judged. But that's not correct, particularly as it relates to clients. I might suggest that non-lawyer clients frankly cannot judge your legal acumen but I bet they know good customer service when they see it.

Grow your legal services business through beating the competition with great customer service.


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