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Monday, June 09, 2008

Sorry, We Ignored the Court's Order

The Cook County Sheriff that is...I mean they don't come right out and say it but sit around a courtroom sometime and observe. I often do. A couple recent tales from the 30th Floor (Daley Center that is).

First, I was in court the Wednesday after Memorial Day weekend. I actually got appointed to represent two new jailed clients. But while I was conferring with my client in the jury room there was another inmate there too. Well, moments later his case got called and he was brought before the judge. Lo-and-behold it came out that he'd been ordered released on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and he was never released now, some 5 days over. Hopefully he's out by now but he's not my client...hard to tell.

Second, my client who was jailed for missing one court date when a Petition for Rule to Show Cause was pending (seeking to find him in contempt of court) found himself in the medium security division down at 26th and Cal. for a couple nights. Honestly I don't know all their divisions but he told me in horror that hethis guy with no criminal record who missed one civil court date was housed with all these murders and such. Fun, fun.

I say the above a bit in jest but it isn't funny especially if you're the inmate. I think the recourse is a 1983 case in federal court but it's out of my area but once was tangentially involved in such case. Of course if I keep seeing all this abuse...that's how practice areas get formed I guess.


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