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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'd Like to Stop Beating Up on the Cook County Sheriff, BUT...

The facts are hard to ignore.

I had an incarcerated client with a court date set for yesterday. And after waiting for some time in the courtroom, one of the Sheriff's deputies explains to me that my client wasn't going to be brought in yesterday...or more simply, the Cook County Sheriff forgot to bring my client to court! We've posted about difficulty with the Sheriff previously here and here regarding service of process and previous difficulty with the jail.

But in the case of my client yesterday, so the case got continued until today when the Sheriff did bring my client in and my client got released as I expect would have happened yesterday if he'd gotten to court. Those lost days are nothing to kid about and I'm starting to think the federal court may be wanting to put a value on those civil rights violations...the strange ways in which new practice areas come about.


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