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Friday, July 25, 2008

Report on Conditions at Cook County Jail

If you need some interesting reading of a public policy nature to read over the weekend why not try out the Justice Department's review of the Cook County Jail...here's the full report, the U.S. Attorney's press release, and the Chicago Tribune's treatment of the report's release.

Note the Sheriff's response saying he felt betrayed because they allowed the Justice Department access...only in Chicago. It was pursuant to federal law Mr. Sheriff.

Here's just one of many, many troubling examples from the report...

In July 2006, Lonnie L., 59-years-old, was leaving the
medical area of intake and heading to the bullpen.
When he turned around to get more medication, an
officer told him not to return to the medical area.
Lonnie did not obey the order. The officer came into
the medical area and hit Lonnie on the mouth. When
Lonnie fell to the ground, the officer kicked him and
again struck him in the mouth, knocking out a tooth.
The officer dragged Lonnie by the pants out of the
medical area. During Lonnie's intake strip search, the
same officer hit him in the back with a cane. Three
inmates testified that they witnessed the incident.
Medical records indicated injury to Lonnie's ribs and
lung. CCJ found abuse and recommended that the officer
be terminated.


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