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Thursday, October 02, 2008

IL Constitutional Convention

Is everyone following this litigation regarding the ballot wording related to whether or not we should call a constitutional convention here in Illinois? Eric Zorn has been all over it in the Trib. and they editorialized about it yesterday too. Two cheers to the Chicago Bar Association for bringing suit regarding the ballot wording. I'm voting in favor of a convention, can governance in Illinois get worse?

I got a pamphlet mailed from Secretary of State White this week. Sort of comical actually, it lays out arguments in favor of and opposing the convention. Who's arguments are these and why does the electorate need to see them? If private groups want to lobby on the issue fine but why are we getting this drivel from our government. A particularly humorous argument AGAINST having a convention:

"(It) could be controlled by special interest groups and lobbyists..." Don't people know about our current Combine??


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