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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Client Meetings for the Home Office Lawyer

Two wonderfully enlightening posts recently on the above from two of my favorite blogs: MyShingle and Chuck Newton. Carolyn deals with the nitty gritty of using "virtual" offices (like Regus) for client meetings while Chuck provides an expansive tome that deals with where to meet and much more.

As for my $.02, over the last year-and-a-half I've officed in a way that sounds very similar to Carolyn Elefant. Myself and my legal assistant both work from home on a typical day and when the need for a client meeting comes up 90% of the time we'll use a "day" office from Regus for an hour or two. I agree with the five points Carolyn makes in her posting and would say generally this set-up works well. The offices I'm now using for meetings are nearly identical to the ones I used to use when I had a full-time lease with a Regus-like place. I haven't found a client yet who doesn't appreciate the potential convenience offered by a Regus-type place where there are some 20 meeting locations in the Chicago area compared to me having my own, single office location where my potential client must come.


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