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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Where is the blog leading me...

Just thought I'd share some some funny and facinating things that have been cropping up lately, solely out of the blogsphere. Like most of us I suppose I don't really "know" everyone who's reading the blog but then you get some e-mails from people and it's it kind of a "wow" moment.

First, I did an interview with LawCrossing.com for their Legal Stars section. I haven't seen the article up yet, but a good bit of the reporter's questions were technology and blog-related and I wouldn't be suprised if that's how the reporter got in touch with me (having seen my blogs).

Second, of a more Illinois specific nature, I just got contacted by Helen W. Gunnarsson who is sort of the main features writer with the Illinois Bar Journal (monthly Illinois Bar Association Magazine) to discuss "blawgging" as she calls it.

And lastly, I just set-up a lunch date for a couple 3Ls from DePaul who are interested in starting a practice out of law school and read the blog. So I'm happy to help and who knows where various people in my network might lead me.

My ego-stroking aside, it's just facinating where these little web logs can take us!


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