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Monday, June 12, 2006

Accenture...er ah...my law firm?

One other thought stemming from the WSJ.

It had a nice overview about Accenture recently and its CEO, Bill Green. As you might know, Accenture has some 129,000 employees worldwide and no headquarters. It's a true virtual company. And it's certainly not just Accenture, the piece mentions Google, Boeing, and Earthlink as other high profile companies managing large parts of thier companies from multiple locations.

Can't us lawyers do what Accenture does? We're counselors (lawyer-speak for consultants), right? There's a large savings on overhead. Obviously in-person time is still important when things get dicey or perhaps in dealing with personel issues. But who really wants to pay for the oak-paneled office on the 90th floor of the downtown skyskraper any more? I wouldn't.


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