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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Time Management for entrepreneurs

Here's a helpful piece from today's Times entitled, Entrepreneurs Take Time to Manage their Time. That's what us smallish law firm lawyers are right? So we're not only entrepreneurs who need to manage our time well but we're also in the business of selling time so time management is doubly important.

Here's a great quote from Attorney Diedre Wachbrit, a California lawyer:

But she said it was important to resist the temptation to take two minutes to do something and instead to "take five minutes to think how someone else can do it, because that will save me hours if you think about how often I do that same task over and over again."

I couldn't guess how many times I make that mistake.

Another good quote that I'm guilty of:

"I was a firefighter. All I did was put out fires. I never prevented fires from occurring, as I do now. I did not get any business growth or development accomplished."

Are you a firefighter??


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