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Friday, January 05, 2007

Pro bono in 2007

Well, since we know the IL Supremes are inching closer and closer to requiring us to fulfill "X" numbers of pro bono hours, I took on a pro bono client yesterday (Did you report your hours on your ARDC renewal?). Admittedly I'm required to fulfill a pro bono obligation I've made to the Alliance Defense Fund as well.

But shouldn't you nearly always have a pro bono case going too? Why?

1. Learn a practice area that can become a "billable" practice area. My experience has been that many of the legal service providers have very good mentor networks to access and I think the mentors are a bit more willing help on pro bono matters.

2. They produce fee-generating cases. This could be true at many levels...everyone has a network of people they know, right? I think some discernment is wise. Importantly, I've found many of the pro bono providers for seniors are particularly effective. Because, although a typical retiree many have a fairly low income, they're often asset rich and thus may have additional paid legal needs and/or be more apt to have family/friends for whom private counsel is appropriate.


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