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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The ease of going paperless...

Saw this nugget from Friday's Technolawyer ezine from Attorney Thomas F. McDow:

I am not searching for the paperless office. I have it. When we receive paper from someone other than a client, we scan it and send it to the client. When we receive paper from the client, we scan it and shred it. If the original of the document must be retained, we have the client retain it. The only exception is the original discovery that the court requires us to keep.

We scan invoices, bills, and statements we receive. We scan continuing legal education materials. We enter into Time Matters all notes and comments that would have been recorded on sticky notes or a legal pad in an earlier age. All notes at trial are taken on a computer.Our paperless office works so well that I am incapable of understanding the debate.

Seriously, if it's that simple, why are we not doing this??


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