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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is this why I went to law school?

There are some poignant comments in this month's Chicago Lawyer about change in the legal field. The lead story is sort of a roundtable interview regarding mega-firms, law as business, technology, white collar defense and diversity. It's almost a sad read when you see the comments that these law firm leaders make regarding the legal industry.

Here's an example from Bryan Schwartz:

From a psychological standpoint, is this why I went to law school? People have a need for affiliation, power over their careers, and the need to feel that their desire for achievement is being met. The only one being met with the large firm is achievement--there's been a loss of affiliation and power/influence. As you move from a partnership to a corporation, you become a widget...People are so focused on money they forget to live their life, their life is defined by money really. People feel trapped by the firm dictating their life.


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