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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Entrepreneurial incubator

Saw this nugget about La Cocina in San Franciso...a sort of shared-space incubator for food entrepreneurs in S.F.

Known as a “kitchen incubator,” La Cocina (la-koh-SEE-nuh) is a shared-use space created two years ago to provide a platform for women entrepreneurs without assets. Offering a low hourly rate for access to 2,200 square feet of restaurant-quality kitchen space, the nonprofit La Cocina also provides training from high-profile mentors and technical assistance on creating business plans and building marketing programs.

I personally like the low budget, shared space for the lawyer entrepreneur. I'm leaning towards a transiton to home office when our current lease ends but I'd be open to sharing a small space with a bunch of lawyers to keep costs down, trade referrals, help each other practice together. Then just have conference room space for client meetings as needed.


At 5:54 AM, Blogger CreditEducator said...

Great idea, isn't it? By the way if you don't have enough money for your business, you can get a credit card. Every bank issues business credit cards.


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