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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who Will be the Next Cook County State's Attorney??

I acknowledge up front I'm a political junkie with a "problem," but putting on my pure attorney-at-law hat for a while, isn't it a bit concerning the lack of scrutiny that's been given to the State's Attorney race here in Cook/Chicago??

At the pure citizen/taxpayer level, at stake is an office with a $100 million budget, more than 900 lawyers and the authority to launch investigations, issue subpoenas and convene grand juries. Size and stature make the post one of the highest-profile political jobs in Illinois. But beyond that as lawyers so many of us are having daily contact with the SAO. Obviously if you're doing any criminal work the SAO is the Plaintiff in every case. Even on the traffic tickets...they're on the other side. As a domestic relations attorney I'm often facing assistant state's attorneys representing the IL Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services in child support collection matters.

Here's a decent overview piece. All that to say that if you're a practicing lawyer in Cook County I doubt there's a more important race on the 2/5 ballot...all apologies to our favorite Park Ridge native.


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