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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Are you Failing Enough?

If not you're probably not taking enough risks. I'm sure Churchill, Lincoln and Nixon had some quotes on this topic over the years or just look at their careers...read here.

Why isn't failure a bad thing?

Failure underscores the need to take chances. The cliché is right: If you take no risks, there will be no rewards. And if you are taking risks, almost by definition, you are going to fail at some point.

Success can breed complacency.” If everything goes right all the time, you are less likely to try something new.

Failure can force you to rethink every assumption. “When something goes wrong, not only do you consider the various means of fixing that particular problem, you notch up your thinking to identify those broader elements that may have led to the snafu and others like it. And down the line, that can mean solutions and adjustments before any further problems even crop up.”


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