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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"I'm Not Educated, But I Do Like To Read Books..."

That was contained in a speech by a former Prez...do you know who? I suppose it applies to me too with my state school education. But I've been reading all these book reviews lately over at The Connected Lawyer so I thought I'd share a review of my favorite read of the year so far. This is step one towards creating my "Book blog" (with a better title) as my business...something akin to Charlie Rose and just representing this author who I know well as she becomes the next J.K. Rowling. If you haven't attended the Printer's Row Book Fair put on by the Tribune (first weekend in June, South Loop) that was a great find last summer. But seriously, if you're a former Washingtonian with plans to become a future Washingtonian or a former White House Intern (no not Monica) or just part of the good old Illinois "Combine" you've got to read Homo Politicus by Dana Milbank with the Post.

An absolutely hilarious "anthropological study" that's a journey through "Potomac Land." The subtitle is, "The Strange and Scary Tribes that Run our Government." It's full of great tales of human sacrifice (Scooter Libby), hazing (Arlen Specter), real status (not just titles), and how Party trumps family. Hey I didn't say this tribe is healthy.


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