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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

LawGuru...Not Worth the Time??

Anyone a Guru out there? Primarily it's a Q/A Website where people can solicit answers to their legal questions from lawyers. I've used LawGuru for about a year now...if someone posts a question in elder, family or real estate law I get an e-mail with a Response link.

I've been amazed over the last few days on several lawyer list serves I'm on, seeing other lawyers describe there experience w/ LawGuru. Many attest to being some of the most responsive lawyers out there but getting little to no business for there efforts. I'd concur with that sentiment. I got one low $$ client from a LawGuru post from probably hundreds of responses at this point.


At 10:58 PM, Blogger That Lawyer Dude said...

LawGuru is a great opportunity to let people "see what you got."
I anwer about 1100 posts in the last year. I get about 10 percent response (people who e-mail me) I add them to lists I keep. I market to them I obtained about 3 mid to small size cases from initial inquires and 10 or so Large (over 8K) cases from people who were referred by people I market to. Many of the people who ask questions already know the answer to the questions they ask. They are seeking an inexpensive second opinion. That's fine. Other people will look at my answers and they may need me. In fact they have.

I also will give new (or old) Clients answers from my Avvo.com or LawGuru answers. Gives me another opportunity to market.

All in all I spend a lot of time on both sites and my blog. I still get cases in at a good stream and everyone around here is still wondering how it's done. This is how. It is almost better than going to a different public library everynight and answering questions for free.



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