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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Values" Marketing

Another example written about here where a small California firm celebrated its 125th Anniversary by making a $125,000 contribution to a local area food bank. We've previously written in this space about a Chicago firm that sent our Martin Luther King day cards with a listing of the local non-profits that they support. I think this is a two thumbs up, right? Nearly every firm can do this to some degree...there are non-profits from the Barnabas Project (which I'm on the Board of) with our $10,000 annual budget to the Salvation Army that's everywhere. I surely think this helps build the values of your firm and there's surely a marketing aspect too. Most of these places are publicizing their donors.

A downside? My only thought would be if you're funding groups that drift a bit towards controversy. It's hard not to support your local food bank but you might offend some people if you're supporting Planned Parenthood or its opponents.


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