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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Stroger Family & Cook County Justice...

Ah the one-party system of Cook County. I saw this in today's Tribune:

As recently as last week, 26 juveniles who might have been sent home with monitoring bracelets on their ankles were held at the detention center (Cook County Temporary Juvenile Detention Center), officials said. The center acts as a jail for those under 17 who are awaiting trial in criminal cases.

County budget shortfalls and a bureaucratic purchasing process slowed replacement of the devices, which can cost $2,400 each, officials say. The juvenile probation department has been trying to get 200 new bracelets since early last year, said Michael Rohan, the director. The first 70 arrived Friday and officials started distributing them almost immediately, he said.

Or as has been previously reported, the center, where top employees were relatives or friends of John Stroger, then the Cook County Board President, was filthy, violent and scary.


At 9:23 PM, Blogger Chuck said...

What the...

This is the stuff the chaps me sometimes. It brings out my inner Republican. This is the type of tech that should cost in the hundreds, not thousands. It just seems government offices always get taken to the cleaners on this stuff.

This is equivalent to the Pentagon paying $2,000 for a hammer or some such thing.

I use to know a guy in Ft. Worth who sold and managed PC systems for small county and municipalities in Texas. I remember him telling me you cannot compete in this market any longer with private business. He charged many times what the going rate was to private businesses.

I know a group that is the government bid business. They have no operations. They do not do anything in particular. If the government needs so many spools of wire, they get bids, add to it and submit the bid. Then if they need a new air conditioning system at a federal building they will do that next. They know nothing about wiring or air conditioning. The private businesses do not want to participate in the government bid system so they get these useless third parties involved and then the government pays 2 or 3 times as much as they need to do.

It is truly insane.


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