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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bring in the business...interesting discussion

I thought I'd share some interesting comments from attorneys over at the ISBA list serve regarding bringing in business. It's an interesting dichotomy on the ISBA groups ranging from urban to very rural. These were some conclusions that seemed to be reached:

First, Yellow Page ads are not effective in large urban areas such as Chicago. They are most effective in smaller towns and possibly in suburbs if the book's reach is narrow enough. These ads are most effective for the PI, DUI and criminal defense practice areas. As a 32-year-old urban attorney I don't invest in Yellow Page ads. I haven't done too much market research but I think in my personal life the only time I can remember opening a Yellow Pages in the last few years was when for some reason my computer was packed away or not on and I just needed a really quick restaurant look-up or something like that.

Second, write articles to annoint yourself an expert. This is a good one...especially to non-attorney referrer groups. It's somewhat similar with blogging. I don't think people realize how easy it is to get annointed an "expert" on an issue or subject matter. Back in law school I started a student organization called eLaw which did various things and hosted speakers on technology law topics. It was sort of fun and we'd be able to qualify for school funds since we were a student organization. But my larger point is this, the local media downstate picked up on me and I actually made a few television appearances commenting on different technology law issues. All the media needed was some title to put after the comma so to speak when quoting me or putting me on the air. I think a similar principal applies in the practice of law.

Lastly, get acquainted with other attorneys not in your practice areas. A great referral source!


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