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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The most ridiculous filing fee in the Cook Circuit Court

This isn't a new one to me but I had to pay it on behalf of a client again today so I'm re-irked. How/Why does the Cook Circuit Clerk justify the $60 and $90 fee to set aside or vacate a judgment within 30 or beyond 30 days of an Order/Judgment being entered?? A party has already paid their upfront or Appearance fee. Various parts of the IL Code of Civil Procedure allow you to bring these motions (2-1203, 2-1301, 2-1401) and yet there's a disincentive placed before a litigant to file these motions.

I admit I'm particularly steemed at the case I had to pay it on today because the Cook County State's Attorney Child Support Enforcement Division entered a default Order against my client where they clearly didn't give proper notice to an out-of-state party...grrrrr!


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