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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Legal versus Business career...

Here's a nice piece with a helpful analysis of sort of the mindset analysis as to whether you're a lawyer who should be practicing law versus perhaps a career in business. Was it just my experience or doesn't it seem like practicing law and the who "pure" lawyer role and Judges as royalty are over-emphasized in legal education (and the profession as well)?

The summary points from the piece:

1. The attorney who belongs on the business side of the equation is more interested in the business elements of what is going on than he or she is in the legal implications.

2. The fact that you are good at law does not mean you are good at business; you need to understand both fields before acting.

3. If you thrive on expansionist (as opposed to reductionist) thinking, you are likely to be a good businessperson.

4. If people imagine you in business and not as an attorney, this should tell you something.

5. If you went to law school to make money, you may belong in business.


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