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Friday, January 05, 2007

Another great idea from Carolyn over at MyShingle

Here is Carolyn Elefant's post over at My Shingle regarding her efforts to start a Solo and Small Firm Energy Network. I believe her law practice focuses a good bit on federal regulatory matters in the energy law field.

One of my big goals for '07 is similar to this but more along the lines of creating a closely knit group of small firm and solos to create a "firm" without a firm. In other words, have a very formal network of lawyers in different practice areas where in-house referrals are made and direct support is given. The idea hasn't totally come to fruition, but essentially I want to stop the random referral searches for a lawyer when our clients need something outside my specialty areas. Rather, I want to be able to serve that client through this "firm."

Care to join me?


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