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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Side income from selling legal forms

Does anyone out there use Lawguru.com? I mention it for a couple reasons. It's one of these 'Net-based sites where the public can post questions and me as lawyer can post responses. Then with my response my name/contact info. is included. It's led to some decent business.

Today I got this e-mail and thought I'd pass it on for what it's worth...don't know much about it by another potential source of non-legal fees income:

Dear LawGuru Members:

Don't forget that you can make money with your legal forms through our Attorney Form Market Program - the program where you submit legal forms to us, we sell them and give you a commission. Many of our providers are making hundreds of dollars each month in commissions, a few even thousands. This could be you.

Although we are always interested in any legal form you wish to submit, we are currently seeking to expand our litigation and attorney forms section. We are looking for any litigation form, from any jurisdiction, including: Petitions, Answers, Motions, Discovery, Judgments, Jury Instructions, etc...

Remember, the more of your forms we sell, the more money you make. This is a great way for you to make additional income. And the best part is that you have already done the work!
The submission process is easy. Simply send me an email with a list of the forms that you're thinking of selling. Then we'll get back to you letting you know whether the forms are right for us. At that point you can send your forms to us or upload them yourself onto our system. It’s as easy as that!

If you would like to get more information about the Attorney Form Market Program or would like to send us a list of forms, please send an email to contact_lawguru@lawguru.com <mailto:contact_lawguru@lawguru.com>.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Truly,
Troy Tureau
Content Administration
LawGuru Forms


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