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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Write your way to a full practice

Saw this little nugget from one of the eZines that I get...

Publish your articles at no cost on the Internet.

Did you know there are literally dozens of sites online that will allow you to submit your full article including your bio and a link back to your website into their searchable database, at no charge?

Top search engines regularly visit these websites and collect all the new information articles so they can distribute them to the tens of thousands of people every day who request information on various topics.

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I'd concur with this advice...it's essentially another good reason to have a blog: search engine optimization.

Regarding writing articles, I like to write really more than practice law...one of these days I'll have my novel published and then no more trips to court (but that's another story). But my point, I've seen a great return from publishing articles in very reputable publications and then sending copies out to referral sources. I wrote what I thought was a pretty good piece on residential real estate early this spring and then sent out copies to maybe 50-100 referral sources. It's brought in great amounts of real estate business. Our real estate practice is probably 300% - 400% larger than the last two years.


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