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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Don't Over-Specialize Too Early

Among the advice from Sandy Lourie of Barack Ferrazzano in Chicago Lawyer's Q/A...

I think I would advise new lawyers to make sure they don’t over-specialize too early. I think that clients, at least on the transaction side, are looking for general advice. It is a shame, but it is interesting how quickly new lawyers are willing to say, “You need to talk to the specialist,” and really hand things off …

In my practice, where I am a general corporate lawyer, it is important to really know what’s going on with all aspects of the transactions.

My second favorite business book is Clients for Life and it uses the phrase "deep generalist" for professionals.

My $.02 on the subject, this is critical for professionals representing businesses and perhaps a bit less so for individuals. With businesses there are sooo many factors in play beyond this smallish legal problem right before your eyes...marketing, media, bottomline.


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