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Monday, September 11, 2006

Where can blogging take you?

This obviously isn't a new story, but Law.com has a nice and lengthy post here about Jeremy Blachman (Anonymous Lawyer), his book and the various other endeavors that seemingly all started from his blog.

There are some teaching points from his story for me:

The largest issue that I'm still working on overcoming completely is making sure that I don't live within this narrow, little lawyer mindset. And I don't mean to be insulting to any lawyers when I say that, I make the statement as a personal struggle and regarding limits I have too often put on myself. Particulary as a person who's started a practice, I need to have my entrepreneaur/businessman hat on a ton and obviously sometimes my narrow lawyer hat on too. But like Jeremy's story attests, there are a ton of opportunities sprouting from blogging and I need to have my eyes open. Too often in the past my question to myself has been, what areas of legal practice might I expand into; I think the better question is, what business opportunities exist that my company can fill and profit from??

For the record, I too would much rather be a novelist and IL candidate for governor than practicing attorney. And if I kick myself in the butt a little to get some of these firm management issues resolved, I'm going to make that jump!


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