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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back at ya Chuck

Thanks for the link to our attorney referral article Chuck. He makes another point about attorney referrals: getting these from attorneys inside your practice area (not just from people outside your practice area like I listed). I think I could argue that these are "outside" one's practice area within our list...but then I'd be being too much of a lawyer...

But absolutely...Chuck claims to get these sort of referrals within the bankruptcy field. An obvious one within domestic relations would be attorneys who specialize in Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO). For those of you outside the field, this is a specialized order required to divide pension rights in a divorce. Many or perhaps most "pure" divorce lawyers refer all of these out because they're pretty high risk with often a lot of $$ at stake and they involve quite a bit of nuanced federal law that most of us in the domestic relations don't work with too much. Elizabeth Wells is well-known in the Chicago area as a specialist in this field. Another thought in our practice areas: real estate - a lot of these pure real estate transactional lawyers need a litigation referral or an attorney who specializes in real estate assessment appeals.


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